Our Vision

Transforming Justice Orange County (TJOC) is committed to reimagining justice, safety, and accountability, through ending individual, collective, and systemic oppression by carceral systems.

We envision a society that does not rely on carceral systems to solve its problems, but one that works collaboratively to support one another, address harm, and meet people’s needs.

Our Mission

TJOC’s mission is to right the social wrongs carried out by the carceral system through social-systemic transformation, while at the same time working to meet the immediate needs of incarcerated and system-impacted individuals and communities.

We do this by working locally to defund the carceral system and build alternatives through community engagement and mobilization; public education; public advocacy; and leadership development.

  • Community Engagement & Mobilization: We build relationships and work with system-impacted individuals, communities and allies to increase participation and support for shared goals and priorities.
  • Public Education: We develop and share resources with the community to provide people with knowledge and tools to take action.
  • Public Advocacy: We advocate for state and local measures that advance safety and justice for all people. We participate in short- and long-term campaigns that align with our goals and priorities.
  • Leadership Development: We organize trainings to develop personal and professional capacities and skills that will support our individual, collective and systemic thriving.

Social Media

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