Defund the Sheriff – Stop Musick!

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Alongside the nation, the Orange County community is voicing rage and grief after the murder of George Floyd and decades of police brutality and racism. Communities across the nation are demanding that police, jails, and prisons be defunded and budgets be reallocated to support community alternatives. 

Amidst curfew, unrest, and a pandemic, the Board of Supervisors is awarding a contract on 6/2/20 to The Donald Krotee Partnership, Inc. totaling $547,025, for upgrades to closed circuit television at Central Men’s and Women’s Jails and at the currently-empty James A. Musick Facility. 

A significant portion of the $547,025 is going to fund televisions in an empty jail, the Musick Facility in Irvine. The Orange County Board of Supervisors plans to spend over $380 million to expand this jail, money that is desperately needed in our community.

This proves that when our community is hurting, our Board of Supervisors continues to line the pockets of the prison industrial complex.

The OC Board of Supervisors spends almost 20% of its entire discretionary budget on the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. The OCSD budget has increased by over $60 million since 2016, including an almost 9% raise to existing staff. These increases do not include the cost of expanding Musick.

Join us and demand that Donald Wagner, Andrew Do, Michelle Steel, Doug Chaffee, and Lisa Bartlett stop investing in building OC jails and start investing in a stronger OC community.

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