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Please sign this petition to keep our incarcerated neighbors and Orange County community safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in OC jails.

The number of infected people is growing quickly, and five more detained people have already tested positive since this petition was drafted. In total, ten people have tested positive in Orange County’s jails and two have died since the pandemic was declared. The Central Jails in Santa Ana are on full quarantine, with incarcerated individuals essentially confined to their cells.

Show OCSD that Orange County supports releasing medically vulnerable people and people near the end of their sentence in order to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Releasing people now is the only way to prevent COVID-19 from spreading like wildfire in the cramped, unsanitary conditions of the jails. 

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has the authority to release people, but has only released a very small fraction of the number needed to slow the spread. OCSD has placed unjust restrictions excluding certain people from release, including those who are under an ICE hold. Please join us in urging OCSD to release people, to not endanger peoples’ lives because of their immigration status, and to keep our incarcerated neighbors and Orange County community safe!

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